Snack Schedule

Ms. Sara, who prepares our snacks, is so excited to share her ideas with SEA! Menu planning is something she loves to do, as well as coordinating the snack schedule. She has worked with children and families for more than 20 years. After working in injury prevention for more than 10 years, she attended culinary school. Over the past 8 years, she has worked in various culinary environments, including preparing food for those with special diets and menu planning.

Her main goal is to incorporate healthy foods, which also includes introducing new foods and trying to make food and eating more enjoyable. Building variety into the menu and adding fresh and seasonal foods are also key.

Important Note:

Scripps Exploring Academy is a Nut-Free Zone. We do not serve anything containing peanuts or tree nuts and DO NOT ALLOW parents to pack anything with tree nuts of any kind in their child's lunch (this includes peanut butter, almonds, etc.). Thank you!

Ms. Sara sees her role as supporting the work of the teachers at SEA, which may include some themed snack items and limiting the amount of preparation that they need to do.

Scripps Exploring Academy

Sample Snack Schedule

A.M. Snacks

Cereal Mix & Raisins

Waffles & Mixed Fruit

Yogurt & Fruit

Bagels & Cream Cheese

Graham Crackers & Juice

Pancakes & Applesauce

Yogurt & Fruit

Cheerios & Fruit

Cinnamon Bread & Juice

Breakfast Burrito

Kix & Fruit

English Muffin w/Jam & Fruit

Waffles & Mixed Fruit

Cheerios & Cran-Raisins

Banana Oat Bars & Fruit

Cereal Mix & Raisins

Yogurt & Fruit

Cheerios & Milk

Rice Cakes & Applesauce

Kix & Fruit

P.M. Snacks

Yogurt Parfait & Oat Cookies

Carrots & Crackers

Wheat Thins & Pineapple

Veggies & Yogurt Dip

Corn/Bean Salad & Crackers

Mini Pizzas

Pasta Salad

Chex Mix & Veggies

Crackers & Cheese Slices

Peaches & Corn Muffin

Quesadillas & Veggies

Hummus & Wheat Thins

Ritz & Cucumbers

Pretzels & String Cheese

Mini Pizzas

Ants on a Log


Bean/Cheese Dip & Tortillas

Animal Crackers & Pudding

Taco Pinwheel

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