Here the walking infants get a taste of what's it's like to be a toddler. For the first time, they are on a communal schedule and have snack, lunch and nap time together. Of course since they are still infants, if they need an odd feeding or rest time we will accommodate them.

This is where they say goodbye to high chairs and cribs. Now they eat together at a table and sleep on nap mats.

The Starfish teachers prepare lesson plans each week. They have a mini circle time and do an art or sensory project daily. Some of the concepts they are introduced to may includes: shapes, colors, and animal names. They play outside every morning and afternoon. Outside activities may include free time, throwing balls, chasing bubblies and riding scooters.

All of these activities ease their transition into the Toddler Center. Sometimes they have play dates with the toddlers and visit their classroom to help with the transition.

At our school the walkers are separated from the other babies for the majority of their day so they can learn and explore without the younger infants underfoot.

Inside the Starfish classroom, our students have separate areas for playing, reading, and eating. Below is our newly remodeled playground specifcally for our Starfish class and well shaded throughout the day.

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